Thursday, May 29, 2008

1. Do you eat in the school canteen? Why? Why not?2. Which is your favourite stall? Why?3. Do you think the food and drinks sold in canteen are healthy? Give your reasons.4. Do you think the food and drinks sold in the canteen are clean? Give your reasons.5. What are some of the healthier food and drinks sold by canteen vendors?6. Could suggest some healthy food to be included in our school canteen?

1.Yes,as i like the food in the canteen.
2.Well?My favourite stall in the canteen is stall 2.I like the stall for its snacks and the prices are reasonable.
3.Well again,i think the drinks in stall 1 are not healthy as i will have a stomach ache everytime i drink it.
4.i think that the hygene level is quite low.
5.some are the packet snacks and the canned Nescafe.
6.i could chose some like carrot cake.